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Leica M10 - Slim Skin Case

Leica M10 - Slim Skin Case

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Do you hate using cases? Us too, that's why we made one...

Slim, flexible non leather protective case for the Leica M10, M10-P and its variants. Super slim and as unobtrusive as possible for those that don't like the handling of normal cases.

There's no mounting screw underneath so the camera sits flat.

The Slim Skin case can be removed in seconds for access to the battery but remains securely attached to the camera when in use, using our own in-house developed tripod bung mount.

An alternative to bulky heavy leather cases, we made this to disappear, we're hoping you'll forget it's even there. It's also designed to fit the aesthetic of Leica and not detract from its legendary design.

Made from a special high quality rubber-like flexible matte material that holds its shape and protects against impacts while being UV and chemical resistant.

To remove the case, we suggest sliding and easing a thumb or finger between the camera and the case right next to the tripod mount from the rear. Carefully ease the case off by levering your finger to release the tripod bung. With some very minor practice you will be able to remove the case within a second. 
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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews

Great product, very happy with it. Great fit to the camera.

Matyas Horvai
Edges are too sharp ...

... especially at the bottom of the "grip"

Thanks for your feedback on the edges feeling too sharp, if any other customers have the same feedback we will look to adjust this; it's not something we found in testing but that definitely doesn't mean it's not valid feedback (quite the opposite). We like the appearance of the edges being very defined but if it's affecting comfort then it will be addressed. We hope you can enjoy the case and get good use from it. Thanks again.

Richard Shier
sharp corner easily fixed

The corner on the grip side was a little pokey. quick snip with the scissors took care of it