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Leica M6/MP - Slim Skin Case

Leica M6/MP - Slim Skin Case

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Do you hate using cases? Us too, that's why we made one...

Slim, flexible non leather protective case for the Leica M6/MP camera. Super slim and as unobtrusive as possible for those that don't like the handling of normal cases. There's no mounting screw underneath so the camera sits flat.

The Slim Skin case can be removed in seconds for access to change film but remains attached via the lug so it's one less hand you'll need. It securely attaches to the camera when in use, using our own in-house developed bung mount.

An alternative to bulky heavy leather cases, we made this to disappear, we're hoping you'll forget it's even there. It's also designed to fit the aesthetic of Leica and not detract from its legendary design.

Available in grip and no grip versions. The grip version adds some great stability, especially when paired with a thumb grip. The no grip version keeps things extremely minimal for protection without the fuss

Made from a special high quality rubber-like flexible matte material that holds its shape and protects against impacts while being UV and chemical resistant.
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